November 2, 2020

Announcing NYU SPS Center for Global Affairs’ Newest Non-Resident Senior Fellow

NYU SPS Center for Global Affairs is delighted to introduce Michael Tran, RBC Capital Markets’ Managing Director within the Global Energy Strategy Research team, as our newest non-resident Senior Fellow.

With his 15 years of experience analyzing energy markets, Michael is highly sought out as an energy thought leader for his perspectives not only by popular news media outlets such as Bloomberg, BNN and CNN, but also by the Canadian and Albertan Federal and Provincial governments. He also serves on the Advisory Board of Orbital Insight, the Board of the New York Energy Forum and the Business Committee of the US Association of Energy Economists. 

His experience with energy markets not only spans across time, but space as well. “The energy industry is a truly global one and I look forward to sharing with students the experiences I’ve had, ranging from dialogue with investors to policy makers, spanning from Midtown Manhattan to the Middle East,” said Michael. 

As one of the prominent energy thought leaders of today, Michael is an excellent position to help CGA support and empower our students to be the energy thought leaders of tomorrow. Michael says “to help enrich the dialogue for energy thought leaders of tomorrow is an incredibly fulfilling and exciting opportunity.”

Dr. Carolyn Kissane, Academic Director and Director for the Energy and Environmental Policy Concentration at CGA, is ecstatic to have Michael officially join CGA’s team. “His incredible experience, unique and thought-provoking perspectives, and passion for building a sustainable energy future will make him a fantastic resource to our students, and a stand-out person in CGA’s amazing network of change-making global citizens.”

Michael firmly believes being a CGA Senior Fellow is not only a fantastic opportunity for our students, but also a fantastic opportunity for himself: 

“It is an incredible opportunity to collaborate and pair the experience from the global financial markets side of the equation with a leading academic institution, particularly during this critical juncture of the energy evolution process. Additionally, the CGA presents such a unique lens into the ever evolving energy landscape enriching the platform for thought-provoking, engaging, and industry leading discussions on some of the most critical energy issues of our time.”

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