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The Center for Global Affairs hosts events and programs that provide an opportunity for you to engage in the topics you care about and expand your professional network. They feature our expert faculty, diplomats, journalists, and other high-level guests who offer thoughtful analysis and insight to today’s most pressing issues.

Connecting the Dots Podcast

A Podcast Series for the Next Generation of Professionals Who Aim to Tackle Global Challenges.

Global Affairs Review

Global Affairs Review is a student-run, peer-reviewed academic journal.


Events provide an opportunity for you to engage in the topics you care about and expand your network. The following events are free and open to the public. Sign up for our listserv to receive up-to-date information. 

Because our events our offered free of charge, seats are made available until we reach capacity; after that point, we can no longer accommodate pre-registered guests. Doors open 30 minutes before the start of the event. 

Upcoming Events
May 26, 2020
MS in Global Security, Conflict, and Cybercrime Online Information Session (Veterans)
May 27, 2020
MS in Global Affairs Online Information Session
May 28, 2020
Pathways for Cyber Peace in an Age of Constant Conflict

Past Events

Futures of Counterterrorism

What should be the global response to emerging terrorist threats? Five years ago CGA began a research and consulting project for the United Nations Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate (CTED). Each semester, five to six students have examined counter terrorism issues of current and emerging priority to the UN under the direction of CGA Clinical Professor Michael Oppenheimer. The nature of these projects defines the evolution of the terrorist threat and of global responses: terrorist use of social media and the requirements of effective counter narratives; the problem of ISIS fighters and their families returning from zones of conflict, and best practices in managing this challenge; the uses and abuses of emerging technology in monitoring terrorist threats; the role of public-private partnerships in defining and responding to emerging threats. Project results have been delivered in papers, briefings and conferences organized at CGA, attended by UN officials, CGA students and faculty, and other experts.

On Wednesday, October 30, 2019 UN officials, top terrorism experts, and former CTED student participants joined for a discussion of this important project and what it tells us about the future of counterterrorism.


Michael Oppenheimer, Clinical Professor, NYUSPS Center for Global Affairs


Mary Beth Altier, Clinical Assistant Professor, NYUSPS Center for Global Affairs

Melissa Salyk-Virk, Senior Policy Analyst, International Security Program, New America

David Scharia, Chief of Branch, CTED

Ali Soufan, Chief Executive Officer, The Soufan Group; Founder, The Soufan Center

The Future of the European Union & The European Project

Co-sponsored with NYU Center for European and Mediterranean Studies

15 years ago, ten countries joined the European Union, making the bloc of 28 the second largest economy in the world and a co-pillar of the liberal international order and its collective security architecture. Today, the EU is contending with a multitude of political and economic challenges. Brexit, the rise of Eurosceptic, populist parties on the right and left, the lingering effects of the 2015 refugee crisis, rapid social and demographic changes, relations with Russia and China, the climate crisis, and a weakening transatlantic alliance have frayed political solidarities and demand a creative rethinking by the new EU leadership of the future shape and character of the bloc, including the possibility of a “multi-speed EU.” Headed for the first time by a woman, President-elect of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, what will the EU look like 15 years hence?

This program was held on Thursday, November 14, 2019.


Sylvia Maier, Clinical Associate Professor, NYUSPS Center for Global Affairs


Stephen Gross, Director, NYU Center for European and Mediterranean Studies (CEMS); Associate Professor of History and European Studies, NYU Department of History and CEMS

Christiane Lemke, Professor of Political Science, University of Hannover, Germany

Christian Martin, Max Weber Chair in German and European Studies, NYU Center for European and Mediterranean Studies

Ambassador Gustavo Martin Prada, Senior Adviser on Agenda 2030, European Union Delegation to the United Nations

More Past Events

December 1, 2018

CGA Presents Panel on “America First” and the Future of the Liberal International Order

April 15, 2019

Non-Proliferation Policy in the Trump Era: Examining North Korea and Iran