October 31, 2023

Center for Global Affairs Alumni Spotlight: Dalia Amin

M.S. in Global Affairs ‘15

Concentration in International Development

Currently, Dalia works as the Executive Director of Services and Co-Founder of Sunlit Strategies.

What makes you proud to be an alum?
I am proud to be a CGA alum because it immersed me in global knowledge and a community dedicated to growth and impact across diverse fields.

What are your main areas of responsibility in your current role?
As a Co-founder and Executive, I steer the organization's strategic direction to guarantee its expansion and influence. My responsibilities are multifaceted, revolving around designing innovative programs and services that directly benefit our diverse range of clients. This includes crafting tailored solutions that address their unique challenges and aspirations. Beyond program design, a significant portion of my efforts is dedicated to fortifying our client support and engagement mechanisms. Central to my purpose is the vision of embedding Sunlit Strategies as a constant guiding presence in the professional and leadership journeys of our valued clients.

How did your time at the CGA help prepare you for this role?
My time at NYU's Center for Global Affairs played a pivotal role in shaping my preparation for my current role. During my studies, I pursued a Concentration in International Development and Humanitarian Assistance, which provided me with a comprehensive understanding of global dynamics and challenges. This knowledge has been invaluable in guiding my approach to creating effective strategies that address the complex needs of our diverse clientele. Furthermore, my specialization in Gender Studies and Peacebuilding equipped me with a unique lens through which I view leadership and change. It deepened my appreciation for the significance of diversity and inclusion in organizational development and transformation. This perspective has been instrumental in my efforts to foster a culture of empowerment and equity within Sunlit Strategies and among our clients. Overall, my education at NYU's Center for Global Affairs instilled in me a multidisciplinary mindset, enabling me to navigate the multifaceted landscape of leadership and management with insight, empathy, and innovation.

Any favorite memories at the CGA?
Some of my cherished memories at the CGA involve collaborating on stimulating group projects, participating in thought-provoking conversations with professors, and attending impactful networking events that enriched my learning experience.

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