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The M.S. in Publishing: Digital & Print Media program offers credit for unpaid internships in a publishing organization where the intern takes on specific responsibilities that both contribute to the organization and also support the student¿s academic interests. The M.S. in Publishing: Digital & Print Media provides credit only for unpaid internships or those that pay a small daily stipend to cover travel or meals. In selecting internships, we highly recommend that our students be placed in reasonably-sized companies where you will be able to observe multiple business practices, sit in on meetings, and use your internship as an important learning experience. For our part, we urge companies seeking interns to provide as rich and varied an experience as possible and to involve interns in meaningful department work. In general, internships may take place in virtually any area of a publishing company including editorial, marketing, production, advertising, business development, and online. Students may register for only two internships while pursuing a degree in publishing. The second internship must be significantly different from the first. Students will not be allowed to intern for the same imprint or magazine as their first internship. You will need the approval of the Director before pursuing a second internship. Students must commit at least 14-16 hours per week during the semester to the publishing organization to earn 1.5 elective credits.
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