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Social Media Marketing Strategies

For those students adept in the basic tools of social media, this course is designed to present a more advanced perspective and targeted marketing strategies. In this course, we will take a deep dive into real-life social media presences on each of the major social platforms. We will examine the role of social media in creating online content communities and discuss user experience and messaging. We'll also discuss the role of social media data, examine how platforms experiment with algorithms and curation, and investigate how established platforms pivot and new platforms grow in popularity. We¿ll spotlight the role of the author in publishers¿ social efforts versus the role of the reader/influencer, and look ahead to the platforms on publishers¿ and authors¿ radars, discussing how embedded company strategies support new social efforts and corporate best practices can engender social media innovation. Major components of this course include the business side of social media ¿ analytics, corporate guidelines and strategies, best practices, customer service, crisis management, and social media planning.
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