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Niche Markets: Mystery, Science Fiction & Horror

With large audiences of targeted, devoted readers, the mystery, science fiction, and horror genres typically generate healthy sales, both print and digital, and steady growth. In this course, students will explore the unique genesis of these genres through mythology, existentialism, experimental science, Gothicism, fantasy and more, and why they strike a chord with readers. Through an exploration of themes and effective content creation, students will learn the acquisition and editing process for these genres. They will also gain an understanding of the unique challenges of working with highly creative authors who often eschew traditional writing methods. Marketing and sales strategies for mystery, science fiction, and horror books are also distinctive. Often, books in these categories are directed at specialty markets and sold not only through traditional print and online outlets, but through enthusiast conferences and events. This course will address questions such as: how does one build a career in publishing mystery, science fiction, and horror books and what are the skills one must master? What is the unique value proposition of these genres and how can publishers best integrate them into both a traditional and niche publishing model?
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