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Web Design: From HTML to Web Destinations

Powerful web publishing tools are within affordable¿and sometimes free¿reach of anyone with connection to the Internet. Such tools have given way to unique distribution circumstances where traditional print and broadcast media are now competing for readers/viewers with online only publishing ventures. In this publishing workshop, students will develop web destinations while including examples of integrated technologies and awareness methods/techniques discussed in class. The workshop lessons will teach students basic HTML and CSS; consideration of Search Engine Optimization (SEO); incorporation of images, audio, and video in a site; selection and use of student¿s content management system (CMS) or blogging platform; usability considerations, construction and distribution of RSS content feeds; utilization of reader/viewer feedback, sharing mechanisms and social networks from a marketing perspective; installation of a web analytics tools to the student's site and learning a basic understanding of what various metrics mean relative to the stated goal(s), and monetization programs, methods and related ideas. Such wide-ranging and specific goals may include the trafficking of reader/viewership, to the number of social networking connections made, to selling an item online. In this workshop, students will learn to apply and leverage various popular technology and marketing applications to work towards achieving their stated goal. By the end of the 14 week class, students will create web projects using blogging software, social networking and video sites. They will demonstrate quantitative cause and effect relationships between the strategies they implemented in reaching their stated goal.
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