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Management of Risk and Quality

Every enterprise needs to be focused on the delivery of quality, whether such quality pertains to production/manufacturing, customer service, or internal technology capabilities (IT infrastructure and software). Quality can be achieved by disciplined application of managed processes for designing, building, testing, and deploying enterprise capabilities; by engaging in continuous process improvement; and by proactively discovering and mitigating risks. This course explains the fundamental concepts of quality, reviews the frameworks provided through international standards, and establishes an understanding of enterprise risk management. Many project planning approaches concentrate on estimating, network aspects of planning, and process-driven execution of the work plan. This is of little value if the project manager does not give sufficient consideration to quality and risk challenges that could either arise during the project's execution or be be the result of the project delivering its scope. Successful project managers manage quality up and risk down. This requires a well-founded and practical way of planning the project's execution with an appropriate focus on quality and risk.
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