Human Capital Management

Applications in Organization Development

When leaders have an accurate idea of their organization?s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and needs, they are better equipped to develop its capabilities in the directions they desire. This course is designed to introduce students to the various organizational interventions available to leaders and others who are responsible for improving an organization?s ability to achieve results. Topics include (but are not limited to): prior and future trends in OD; an overview of popular, effective OD tools and techniques; assessing and choosing the right intervention for a particular situation; managing the intervention; overcoming common implementation issues; and evaluation of an intervention?s impact. Critical considerations for each stage of an intervention will be discussed, such as sponsorship; stakeholder analysis; and the benefits and drawbacks of using internal employees versus external consultants. The focus of all interventions will be on achieving actual results that ensure greater organizational alignment. Upon successful completion of this course students are expected to have acquired knowledge and skills to help them assure increased alignment between the organization?s people and strategy and achieve more powerful overall results for their target organizations.
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