Human Capital Management

Total Rewards Strategy and Design

To maximize organizational performance, managers need to address key components in the successful retention and motivation of all staff. One primary requisite is the tooling and retooling of a total reward program to ensure alignment with business objectives, drive individual/team/business unit performance and successfully compete with outside forces in the ongoing war for talent. This course will provide students with both the underlying concepts (that include state-of-the-art thinking) along with the latest practices so that they will quickly comprehend the myriad of factors that need to be addressed to ensure an effective total compensation program. In a highly interactive classroom setting, students will quickly grasp each of the five major compensation/benefits elements (both their individual significance and how they interact with each other) to determine what is required to ensure a coordinated program at an affordable cost. Students completing this course will have a practical, comprehensive understanding of the complexities of reward systems, along with an in-depth appreciation of the key ingredients necessary to ensure their successful execution in any workplace setting.
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