Human Capital Management

Digital Workplace Design

In this course, the workplace is examined as a system, and the roles of information, data, technology solutions and its integration with the physical workplace design are explored to facilitate the specification, development, implementation and maintenance of digital workplace design to support orchestration of work in the most optimal way. HR has an opportunity to step into the role of intermediary to shape the integration of the worker experience across the physical and technical realms to design a Digital Workplace that can maximize the effectiveness of workers, increase collaboration, create opportunities for innovation and strengthen the organizational culture and cohesiveness. Students will explore the changing nature of work- and information-flow within organizations; physical and digital workplace integration, worker centered design, technologies that are enabling digital workplace design and decision support; impact on HR¿s roles and processes; implications of working in a digital workplace. In response to today¿s societal concerns, the course addresses protecting people and information, impact on worker¿s wellbeing and mental health, computer crime and forensics. Real-world projects, case studies and hands-on assignments will be used.
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