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The Future of Taiwan: Critical Implications for the US and Mainland China

Analysts of cross strait relations between China and Taiwan predict that China¿s economic and military prowess will continue to impact Taiwan, while the US¿s predominance in the region is expected to decline. Is reunification between Taiwan and Beijing inevitable? Would the US risk going to war over Taiwan? How can and should Taiwanese President Tsai Ying-wen best engage Beijing, while avoiding conflict in the region and preserving vital trade, economic health, and its democratic institutions? This course will examine the tensions in US Foreign policy towards Taiwan since the 1980¿s and provide a critical lens by which to analyze cross straits relations. What are the geo-political risks involved, and how do these impact perceptions of investors, trade, and cross border flows? Students will have an opportunity to develop and hone their negotiating skills while gaining a stronger conceptual and analytical framework by which to understand US-Taiwan relations.
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