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Introduction to the United Nations

Born out of the ashes of two destructive world wars the United Nations (UN), which boldly pledged ¿to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war¿, has now evolved to address the challenges of globalization, and a host of daunting transnational issues, including climate change, cyber security, diseases & pandemics (such as Covid-19), refugees, and terrorism. In addition, the UN global governance system has to deliver on peace and security operations, facilitate sustainable development goals, protect human rights, women, and refugees, and provide humanitarian aid in complex emergencies, while also engaging civil society, non- governmental organizations and the private sector. The sheer number and complexity of issues that the UN system is called upon to deal with present substantive and procedural challenges to even experienced professionals working in the UN and related organizations. Presently, UN- centered international cooperation has been complicated by countries pursuing ¿nation first¿ policies while questioning multilateralism and global governance. This course is designed to provide an introduction to and essential details of the UN¿s structure and operations, the major issues, partnerships, and its controversies.
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