Marketing and Public Relations

Taking Calculated Risks, Negotiating and Leading Dispute Resolutions

Determining the optimal growth strategy for brands or portfolios often requires strategic internal and external negotiations and dispute resolutions, which need to be based on ethical and thoughtful analyses of risks and returns. Students in this course learn to anticipate and quantify the magnitude and probability of risks using available data, in order to effectively and ethically defend against or take measured risks. Frameworks and techniques will be introduced to guide disciplined risk-taking and decision-making, as well as minimizing risk and decision avoidance. Students will also learn to contextualize risks and recognize and detect spurious risks from actual risks. This course includes an examination of major negotiation theories, strategies and tactics as applied to relevant situations, as well as case studies of recent marketing decisions in critical business development negotiations, and promotional messaging review and product development committees. Simulations will be used to help Students practice and embrace such situations.
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