Marketing and Public Relations

Leveraging MarTech, AdTech and CommTech to Drive Sustainable Growth

The ecosystem of vendors, tools and software applications now available to marketing and communications professionals to plan, execute and measure campaigns has grown exponentially over the last decade. This course provides students with an in-depth understanding of key MarTech, AdTech and CommTech applications, including AI, providing a framework to evaluate the capabilities each application delivers, to identify how these capabilities align with business needs and to choose between multiple offerings to build a ¿technology stack¿ that fuels sustainable growth. Students learn to collaborate cross-functionally to analyze, select, and implement technology offerings. Through case studies, guest speakers and technology demos, students will explore various platforms and the ecosystem of ¿apps¿ that have been developed. students will review lessons-learnt from case studies analyzing the implementation of new technology systems, and identify key success factors in building a capability that supports a data-driven and digital approach to the management of marketing and communications.
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