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Content Strategy (CX) for Digital Media

This course will analyze both the political meaning and strategic planning behind globalized digital media. Content strategy (CX) requires individuals from various media backgrounds to work on a common platform to solve problems and provide solutions. These strategies may be local or global. The strategies combine typical business constraints of deadlines, budget, and client needs with a theoretical or economic strategic outlook. This is crucial in pre-project planning and data analytics during a project. In this project-based course, students will learn to generate strategic media ideas within a set of given economic constraints. The course prepares the students to better apply their media skills in "the real world," where constraints determine what can and cannot be designed. The course builds students' understanding of the many roles in a media team, from improved design thinking to an understanding of management criteria. A final content strategy (CX) project aims to be a portfolio piece for the aspiring media professional.
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