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Comparative International Real Estate

This course is designed to provide students with a multi-disciplinary, comparative, practical and importantly a critical approach to assessing international real estate development projects, transactions and investments - it aims to cultivate multi-dimensional ways of thinking about real estate developments and investments tailored to a variety of unique contexts and conditions. Case studies will be used to anchor learning and class discussions on a variety of topics including financial markets, investment analysis, macro-economy, urbanization, public policy, role of governments, institutional voids in emerging markets, rules and regulations, infrastructure, affordable housing, inner-city markets, international partnerships, construction and project management, cross-cultural negotiations and a variety of other issues related to international real estate development projects, transactions and investments. This course may be suitable for students from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests, especially in the areas of real estate development, real estate finance, finance, banking and capital markets, international finance, international real estate investing, international affairs, architecture, urbanization, urban and public policy, city and regional planning, international strategy, inter-cultural studies, and government etc.
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