BS in Leadership and Management Studies Curriculum


CORE COURSES: Core courses provide an in-depth exploration of the liberal arts that expands your critical thinking and analytical skills, increases your knowledge, and develops your intellect. (See courses below)

ELECTIVES: Students select elective credits from DAUS course offerings in consultation with their adviser.

CONCENTRATIONS: Students can choose concentrations in Human Resource Management; International Business and Global Management; Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations; and Organizational Management and Development. (See concentrations below)

INTERNSHIPS: Earn academic credit while gaining industry experience. Work with coaches at the NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development at NYU SPS to learn how to land an internship that will let you put what you have learned in the classroom into action. You'll also have access to a wide range of career development services.

CAPSTONE: Work in close consultation with a faculty advisor on a senior thesis or project in your field of study. (See information below)


Students may select one of the following four concentrations, which provide the opportunity to gain expertise in a specialized area of study.

Core Requirements

The degree is a 128 credit program consisting of a required set of core courses (32 credits), liberal arts electives (8 credits), required courses (60 credits), electives (8 credits), concentration courses (16 credits), and a graduation project (4 credits).


The following courses may be required based on a writing placement assessment, and should be successfully completed within the first three semesters.

Critical Thinking

Students are required to take the following course.

Quantitative Reasoning

Students, in close consultation with their advisor, select Math 1 and Math II or one of the following other courses based on a math placement assessment.

Scientific Issues

Students select one of the following courses in consultation with their advisor.

Historical Perspectives

Students select one of the following courses in consultation with their advisor.

Literary and Artistic Expressions

Students select one of the following courses in consultation with their advisor.

Liberal Arts Electives

In addition to the core curriculum requirements, bachelor of science degree students select an additional eight credits of liberal arts courses in consultation with their advisor.


Graduation Project

Students select one of the following courses in consultation with their advisor.


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Admissions Criteria

The NYU SPS Admissions team carefully weighs each component of your application during the admissions review process to evaluate your ability to benefit from and contribute to the dynamic learning environment and the challenging curriculum that the NYU School of Professional Studies offers.


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