Message from the Dean

Angie Kamath


Dear Students, Colleagues, and Friends

After the difficulties and uncertainties of this past academic year, I am thrilled to be joining the NYU community this summer as the dean of the NYU School of Professional Studies. For nearly 87 years, NYU SPS has built its reputation as a respected institution of higher education—one that is grounded in applied learning. It has served as a source of empowerment for individuals from NYC, across the country, and around the world, who aspire to become the next generation of leaders and innovators of industry.

It is this rich and storied history, as well as the promise of a bright future that initially attracted me to the School, which has continuously evolved to meet the needs of the many constituents its serves through 20 graduate degrees, 13 bachelor’s degrees, four associate degrees, and a plethora of continuing education courses and credentials—all focusing on building the knowledge and skills that matter most in the evolving workplace.

As I have surveyed everything that SPS has to offer, it is clear to me that no matter how much has changed over the years, our goals today remain true to the School’s original intent—to educate professionals for the future of work, ensuring that every student who pursues an education here has an equal opportunity to learn, experiment, and grow. I am deeply committed to this ideal and to moving forward in new and innovative ways to ensure that we meet the needs of the workforce and society at large.

SPS is rooted in what will fuel the future of work—equity and inclusion, the shift to automation, the adoption of new technologies and data-driven decision making, and the ways to optimize value while positively impacting communities and economies on a global scale. We are an incubator for new ideas, supported by the expertise and research of nearly 1,300 full-time and adjunct faculty members who play a critical role in delivering education in emerging fields—from cybersecurity, sustainability, people analytics, and real estate data analytics to digital media, global sport management, meetings technology, fintech, and UX design, among so many others.

SPS students come from around the world to benefit from education that prepares them for the opportunities ahead. Through access to industry leaders, unsurpassed networking opportunities, exposure to real-world learning, and a truly diverse and inclusive environment that encourages innovation and the free exchange of ideas, they expand their horizons and forge new paths. SPS alumni who live, work, and influence industry around the world are a testament to the School’s success in providing the insights and intuition to truly make a difference.

With all of the advantages that SPS offers, I am very excited about taking on this leadership role. Together we will partner to build new avenues for growth and success. While I know this past year has been extremely difficult for all of us, I am incredibly optimistic about what we can accomplish as we turn our attention to the 2021-2022 academic year and beyond. I very much look forward to getting to know you and to hearing about your hopes and aspirations for NYU SPS.

We are SPS! We are the future of work and the future of higher education.


Warm regards,

Angie Kamath
NYU School of Professional Studies

Angie Kamuth