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Master's (MS) in Project Management Online & Onsite

100% Online, On-site, and Hybrid Study Options

The Masters in Project Management is a STEM graduate degree and a PMI Accredited University Program offered as an online program or on-site in New York by the NYU SPS Division of Programs in Business, Department of Management and Technology.

Our project management curriculum not only prepares students for success on the PMP Certification Exam, but also strives to go beyond core competencies to give students a fiercely competitive edge and advancement opportunities in a variety of industries like healthcare, construction, technology, engineering, and more. In alignment with our program mission, our core curriculum and specialization courses prepare students for:

  • Expert navigation of organizational culture: Dive into the principles of enterprise architecture and organizational behavior to understand how to best adapt communication, decision making and project methodologies to propel projects forward.
  • Professional conflict resolution: Untangle misunderstandings and foster healthy group dynamics with effective leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • Tactful problem solving: Uncover problem solving strategies to thrive in the midst of a myriad of constraints and differing stakeholders' desires.
  • Thoughtful risk management: Anticipate roadblocks and bottlenecks before they threaten outputs with savvy risk analysis and agile change management.

Degree Advantage

  • 36 credits
  • 100% online, on-site, and hybrid degree options available
  • Prepares you to sit for the PMP Certification Exam
  • PMI GAC Accredited University Program
  • Offered as an online project management degree or can be completed on-site
  • Flexible full- or part-time study options. 
    • Percentage of our Fall cohorts who remain active or graduate within one year of being in the MSPM program:  2019 (94%), 2020 (96%), 2021 (93%)
  • Degree core curriculum that prepares you for opportunities across organizations and industries
  • Specialization courses that provide skills in high-demand areas such as agile project management
  • STEM degree, which may qualify students holding F-1 visas for a STEM OPT extension of 24 months
  • Capstone that focuses on enterprise project management

Explore Graduate Opportunities at NYU SPS

Join an upcoming online session to learn more about our graduate degree programs including the MS in Project Management. As an attendee of an Explore Graduate Opportunities at NYU SPS session, you will meet members of our team and have the opportunity to ask questions about the program and application process.

6:00 PM until 7:30 PM EDT

6:00 PM until 7:30 PM EDT

6:00 PM until 7:30 PM EDT

6:00 PM until 7:30 PM EDT

Who Should Consider Earning the Master’s in Project Management?

Pursuing a Master's Degree in Project Management (MSPM) offers a range of advantages that can enhance your career prospects and skill set. Whether you are just graduating college or wanting to level up or pivot in your current career, this program provides you with the knowledge to become a project manager who is able to plan, lead, and manage projects efficiently and cost-effectively.

Accredited by the PMI Global Accreditation Center (GAC)

The Master’s in Project Management recently received accreditation from the PMI Global Accreditation Center (GAC) for Project Management Education Programs. This is a noteworthy accomplishment, which confirms that the degree has been carefully assessed and that its scale, scope, and academic quality conform to comprehensive international accreditation standards.

Learn From Faculty Experts

The professors who teach in the MS in Project Management degree program are highly knowledgeable in a wide variety of project management applications. They guide your studies, imparting both the technical and soft skills you need to enhance your marketability as a project manager across business functions and areas that range from legal project management to software project management and construction project management to healthcare project management.

Gain Global Skill Sets

Whether you complete your degree online or on-site, you will have the opportunity to study with classmates from around the world, hear from a wide range of guest lecturers, and work on projects in an environment that simulates what you can expect on the job. The communications and decision-making skills you acquire will be transferable anywhere and will prepare you for the demands of the global workplace.

Career and Job Opportunities

95.8% of NYU SPS Project Management graduate students reported being employed within six months of graduation. Graduates go on to a wide range of careers in a broad array of companies and organizations including:

  • Amgen
  • Bain & Company
  • Blue State Digital
  • CBRE
  • Crown Plaza Times Square
  • Equinox
  • EY
  • LKAB
  • NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation
  • Providge Consulting
  • Rongtong Fund Asset Management
  • ScaleFlux
  • TriMark
  • Uncommon Schools Valtech
  • North America Vision
  • Services for the Blind
  • WeWork

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