Programs for Individuals

NYU SPS Executive Education programs provide individuals with the skills they need to make an immediate impact in the workplace while achieving their own professional goals. These programs build competencies that are specific to industry, contributing to improved outcomes that can be seen in the work product right away.

Our program offerings are designed to help leaders address the unique challenges they face in today's unpredictable and highly volatile business environments. Enroll now to gain the critical skills that will prepare you for the future while increasing your value in your organization and in the broader marketplace.

Past Courses

NYU SPS Executive Education offers courses that build skills and knowledge in critical areas. Our live virtual and in-person workshops and courses are designed for individuals seeking to gain new proficiencies that will help them navigate the evolving workplace and enhance their abilities in new and innovative ways.

Guest Engagement Marketing

Hotel manager with new guests checking in

Program Description

Evolve the consumer travel planning experience by learning the first phases of advancing digital marketing strategies that thrive in the rapidly progressing tech-savvy hotel industry.

Guest Acquisition Marketing

Woman on phone in hotel lobby

Program Description

Learn various performance marketing tactics that “close the deal” on potential hoteliers awaiting their dream travel experience.

Guest Retention Marketing

Man on phone and laptop in hotel bed

Program Description

Retain knowledge within the field of guest engagement that yields the highest revenue for hotel business. This course will illuminate keys to successfully acquiring customers as investors.

Creating a High-Impact Hospitality Sales Strategy and Organization to Drive Growth

Woman in front of whiteboard in meeting

Program Description

In the hospitality industry, just like every other industry, consumer needs are changing and buying behavior coupled with increased competition for value superiority is driving senior executives to seek new and innovative go-to-market approaches. The faculty for this program is a seasoned practitioner and thought leader who will guide you through an in-depth exploration of a diverse range of possible sales strategies and the many challenging decisions critical to profitable revenue growth in the hospitality business.

Hospitality Distribution Channel Management: Optimizing the Customer Experience

Man and woman in lobby reviewing business papers

Program Description

Regardless of your business model, this program will show you how to design, develop, maintain, and manage productive go-to-market relationships that maximize the customer experience. This program delivers high-value content and practical tools applicable across a wide range of channel structures and associated challenges: the service industry and companies selling through wholesalers and retailers; business-to-business firms working through independent distributors and sales representatives; intermediation and disintermediation strategies; and intermediaries seeking to preserve their role in an increasingly fluid channel structure.

Strategic Persuasion for Executives

Businesspeople shaking hands

Program Description

This program is designed to enhance your ability to win support from key people to advance initiatives and implement plans. Participants will gain the skills needed to sell an idea and achieve buy-in for their vision. In every session, we will focus on the goals of working with and through others--customers, teammates, colleagues, direct reports, and stakeholders–-who have different professional backgrounds, roles, opinions, and agendas.

Building and Leading a Diverse Real Estate Firm

Buildings with plane flying over

Program Description

As a growing number of commercial real estate firms embrace the diversity imperative, inclusive strategies for recruitment, retention, and advancement have emerged as immediate priorities for management teams. Over the course of three interactive case-based sessions, participants in this program will explore the many dimensions of diversity; practical tools for recruitment of early- and mid-career professionals, as well as managers and board members; mentorship, retention, and advancement of a diverse workforce; leveraging diversity in business decision-making; and engaging with external stakeholders and partners.

Business Resiliency in Challenging Times

Businesspeople looking at a computer

Program Description

This set of workshops is designed to help participants address the challenges of an unprecedented, highly uncertain time. Over three virtual sessions, participants learn how to enhance their ability to problem-solve, communicate an inspiring vision, engage with team members to make winning decisions together, and build a sustainable business culture. Each workshop is built around practical takeaways to support building a resilient organization. This program will enhance participants' ability to build a sustainable business model and culture for the current and post-pandemic environment.

Building and Leading Diverse and Inclusive Organizations

Businesspeople shaking hands

Program Description

This set of workshops is designed to help participants develop or refine organizational diversity and inclusion initiatives. The four workshops will provide participants the opportunity to examine, discuss and incorporate insights from current and emerging research, as well as to apply the best practices of D&I strategy. Each workshop focuses on a key aspect of designing and leading a diverse and inclusive organization. Topics include: establishing the business case; assessing and measuring impact; understanding the science of bias and its impact on organizational inclusion and decision making; and leading in an inclusive culture. Through the use of established models and frameworks, the program will allow participants to critically evaluate their D&I approach for effectiveness or design an approach that addresses their challenges and fits their organizational context.

Leadership in a Cyber Dependent World

Cyber experts discussing the contents on a digital screen

Program Description

This practitioner-based accelerated program trains leaders to understand the realities of a cyber dependent global economy and operationalize the integration of a cyber-mindset, and create strategies for managing cyber risk that are increasing exponentially. Participants will explore the digital dependencies of their organizations and become empowered to navigate emerging risks associated with their technologically empowered working environments, associates, and consumers.