Executive Education Certificates

NYU SPS Executive Education Certificate programs provide individuals with the skills they need to make an immediate impact in the workplace while achieving their own professional goals. These programs build competencies that are specific to industry, contributing to improved outcomes that can be seen in the work product right away. Our Certifiates also offer professionals a valuable credential that increases their value within their organizations as well as in the broader marketplace.

Academic Semester

Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies and Tactics in Hospitality

Hotel manager with new guests checking in

Program Description

This is a three-part program where participants learn strategies and tactics in the three digital marketing categories:

  • Guest Engagement Marketing
  • Guest Acquisition Marketing
  • Guest Retention Marketing

After completing this program, participants will:

  • Develop successful digital marketing strategies in hospitality to successfully engage, acquire, and retain hotel guests throughout the Customer Digital Journey
  • Learn how to budget for, create, launch, and manage effectively and efficiently Guest Engagement Marketing, Guest Acquisition Marketing and Guest Retention Marketing 

  • Evaluate the digital technology needs of their hospitality organization needed to support digital marketing efforts 

  • Learn to design digital marketing campaigns

Leadership in a Cyber Dependent World

Cyber experts discussing the contents on a digital screen

Program Description

This practitioner-based accelerated program trains leaders to understand the realities of a cyber dependent global economy and operationalize the integration of a cyber-mindset, and create strategies for managing cyber risk that are increasing exponentially. Participants will explore the digital dependencies of their organizations and become empowered to navigate emerging risks associated with their technologically empowered working environments, associates, and consumers.