The Deeper Dive: Global Issues and US Politics in Uncertain Times

As media and rapidly changing events increasingly focus us on the immediate and short-term, we’ll step back to look at consequential trends and developments that will determine our common global future, the future of the US democratic system, and our political and social well-being. Examine the intersection of critical global challenges and US interests, and administration, congressional and judicial responses. Look at such issues as climate and pollution; the emerging global balance of power; nuclear proliferation; the state of alliances; the decline of democratic governance; cyber-security, social media and disinformation; borders, migration and immigration; and food and health. Explore the impact of religious persecution on political stability in such countries as Russia, Pakistan and China; the future of regional alliances like NATO and ASEAN and the implications for the future of European and Asian democracies; and China’s strategic posture. Consider the Biden administration foreign and domestic policies in response to these substantive and strategic challenges, congressional equities, and the state of the judiciary. Foci will serve as backdrops to consideration of issues and strategies in the 2022 and 2024 US elections, of the long-term futures of the Democratic and Republican parties, and of the consequences for the US political system and for the world.

Registered students will have the option to participate in this course onsite at our NYU SPS Midtown Center or virtually via Zoom.

Students attending onsite courses will need to upload proof of vaccination to the NYU portal and show a "Green" Daily Screener pass upon entry to the campus. Students will also be required to follow any mask requirements or COVID-related protocols in place. Registered students will receive more information via email in January about accessing the campus. A smartphone is required to use the Daily Screener app.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to anticipate the potential global crises of the next decade
  • The ability to analyze the US political context for decisions and policies concerning these issues
  • An understanding of the unfolding 2022 congressional and senatorial primaries and their impact on the future of both parties and domestic and global issues
NO open sections available for this course at the moment. Please check back next semester.