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Art Business

  • Analyzes and Assesses the Value of Art
  • Provides an Understanding of Global Market Trends
  • Covers Legal and Ethical Issues

Taught by leading practitioners in the field, these courses explore the latest trends in today’s art market. Whether your goal is to start a new art business; manage an art gallery; or work as a wealth manager, financial planner, or adviser to high-net-worth individuals, these courses provide essential skills needed to analyze and assess the value of art in the global market. Explore the social and financial contexts of collecting art, learn how to build relationships with clients, and gain an understanding of relevant legal and ethical issues.

Learn more about the Diploma in Global Art Business.

From Impressionism to Modernism: Art Movements and Markets

Learn about major developments in European and American art prior to WWII and the birth of the global art market.

2018 Spring
1 section

New York Art Fairs This Spring: From The Armory Show to NADA New York

Discover the role of contemporary art fairs in today’s art market and attend curated tours of select art fairs in New York.

2018 Spring
1 section

Postwar and Contemporary Art Movements, Markets, and Money

Develop grounded knowledge of contemporary art history in parallel with an understanding of real art market economics.

2018 Spring
1 section

The Art Market Revolution: Online Art Businesses

Become familiar with current and emerging technologies and the businesses within the art market that are using them to expand art businesses.

2018 Spring
1 section

Inside Art Litigation: The Untold Stories and Issues

Gain an insider’s view of overlooked issues from numerous legal disputes in the billion-dollar art market.

2018 Spring
1 section

Starting a Successful Art Business

Identify and acquire the skills necessary to launch, sustain, and grow an art business.

2018 Spring
1 section

Art Collecting in America: Trailblazers, Tastemakers, and Market Makers

Gain an overview of the art dealers and collectors who shaped the American art market and formed the basis of great institutional collections.

Art Fairs and Biennales Demystified

Discover the role of contemporary art fairs and biennales in today’s art market and attend curated tours of select art fairs in New York.

Fine Art as a Financial Asset

Analyze the performance of fine art over time, within art collecting categories, and as compared to the stock market.

The Art Auction

Examine the ever-evolving art auction business and its importance in the international art market.

Today's American and International Art Market

Discover global and regional trends in today’s international art market.