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Webpage Development with HTML5

With Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), even nonprogrammers can create webpages quickly and easily. In this lab-based course, create webpages using HTML, link them together into a website, and publish them on the web. Learn how to properly structure and lay out your pages using CSS, and then make the pages visually appealing by using color and inserting graphics. Gain an introduction to making you website interactive by using JavaScript and jQuery. Upon completion, be equipped with the necessary tools to design and build attractive webpages for business or personal use.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to leverage HTML5 to create modern, feature-rich sites
  • Knowledge of how to improve SEO/a11y with semantic elements, ARIA roles, and microdata
  • An understanding of program-rich Internet applications with JavaScript APIs

Ideal for

  • Web designers and developers with knowledge of HTML and CSS who are interested in upgrading their sites to HTML5
  • Those with the ability to write markup, style rules, and/or JavaScript code from scratch
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