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Classroom Teaching Techniques

The instructor’s ability to effectively manage the physical resources of the classroom and facilitate the interactions with—and between—students is a critical component of a successful teaching and learning experience. This course will provide you with theory and experience in classroom management techniques, best practices in teaching, and a strong foundation for professionalism. During this module, you will have the opportunity to observe and reflect on classroom teaching.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An awareness of how to make use of classroom space, equipment, technology, and other physical resources to suit learning objectives and second-language (L2) learners’ needs
  • Familiarity with appropriate contexts for the use of individual work, pair work, group work, and whole-class work, and strategies for the setup and monitoring of each type of arrangement
  • Knowledge of how to give clear instructions and use comprehension checks to confirm student understanding with consideration for L2 learners’ language level
  • Familiarity with error correction methods appropriate to the learning objectives and the L2 learners’ needs
  • An understanding of strategies for addressing mixed or multiple levels of proficiency in the same classroom

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