February 18, 2021

Student Profile: Dr. Aafaque Akhter

Your Name:  Dr. Aafaque Akhter

Your Title: Psychiatrist, Addictionology, Educator, and Author 

ELI Classes: Professional English Program, Writing Effectively, (2013)

Description of your work:  I strategically blend Western science, Eastern philosophy and compassionate wisdom  to generate sustainable addiction recovery results. 

Most rewarding part of your work:  The most rewarding part of my clinical work is  when I see my clients’ lives change for the  better.  I see an upward lift in their lives. I believe addiction medicine is the only branch of medicine where there is an upward lift. In most other branches of medicine, the status stays the same or there is a downward drift.

Also, most rewarding is teaching and training medical students and residents about addiction.  I just love teaching, especially when I see students’ faces light up when they have understood a concept about opioid addiction.

Best part of studying English at the ELI at NYU:

The best part was Priscilla’s method of teaching and meeting so many diverse groups of people in her class or at her home.. I have a saying: I went to NYU to learn English, and I got a bonus: Priscilla as a friend for life. 

Advice for current students: 

Follow Priscilla like a shadow. I was her chauffeur and learned so much about American Culture, American history and American literature. 

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