MS in Global Hospitality Management


Beginning in Fall 2021, the Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality will offer the NEW MS in Global Hospitality Management. The 36-credit program, includes a core curriculum, a wide range of electives, a leadership capstone, and the opportunity to complete an internship. With a strong focus on business analytics, entrepreneurship, and technology, the MS in Global Hospitality Management will give you the skills and knowledge expected of successful leaders in hotel management, food and beverage, and other hospitality industry professions.

Taught by faculty members who are leading industry practitioners, the program is structured to meet the needs of working professionals and full-time students, allowing opportunities for either part-time or full-time study in any semester. Typically, students complete the degree within one and a half years of full-time study or in two to three years of part-time study.

The general core, comprised of seven business-oriented courses, will develop your key competencies as a hospitality professional. These courses will provide you with a solid foundation in finance, data analysis, business communications and strategic thinking—in each course, hospitality cases and examples will help you frame your learning. Our wide range of electives allow you to customize the curriculum to your specific interests, and cover a variety of topic areas, including finance and asset management, entrepreneurship, marketing and branding, and operations. A leadership capstone course completes the degree. Learning occurs both in the classroom and in the industry—through various networking opportunities, lecture series, research projects, and extra-curricular events.

If you have relevant work experience, you may be eligible to waive a course or the internship requirement with departmental approval. Waivers permit students to take additional courses in selected areas; they do not reduce the number of credits required for the degree.

An industry of opportunity

The hospitality, travel, and tourism sector is brimming with new  opportunity for those who are considering it as a career path. By 2026, it will provide 360 million jobs—one in every nine jobs on the planet! In this program, you will learn to become a strategic manager in a field that offers a wealth of career opportunities. You will help guide companies as you identify appropriate strategies and implement best practice models that will drive success—whether for a hotel chain, a digital platform or an investment firm.

Applied and experiential learning

You want to learn from the best - that is why our faculty are top industry professionals. Learn from experts in their fields, who have years of experience and invaluable professional industry connections to help build your network. Participate in internship and study-away opportunities that develop your skills while providing an insider’s view into industry. Be a part of the NYU Hospitality Investment Conference, one of the hallmark events in the field.


Study in New York City OR if you are unable to attend on-site in NYC for fall, you can start this degree remotely and join us on campus in Spring 2022.

NOTE: Certain restrictions may apply for international students.

Program Structure

Core Courses

The core curriculum consists of seven courses that cover key hospitality business skills as well as applied research methods. They serve as the foundation for the program.


Elective Courses

Students have the opportunity to include elective courses into their studies. Electives can be taken in hospitality or in other programs offered at the school.



In the capstone courses, students apply their cumulative learning to projects that are set by our industry partners. One capstone features a consulting project, the other a research project.



Core Curriculum

The core curriculum is designed to provide you with a deep and broad foundation that supports concentration course work and serves you throughout your career. Students are required to take all of the following courses.


Students are required to take the capstone course.

Admissions Criteria

We carefully weigh each component of your application during the admissions review process to evaluate your ability to benefit from and contribute to the dynamic learning environment and the challenging curriculum that the School offers.


Application Deadlines

Fall Semester

Priority:   January 15

International Final: April 1*

Domestic Final: July 1


Spring Semester

Priority:   September 15

International Final: October 1

Domestic Final: November 30


Required Documents

Personal Statement


Two Letters of Recommendation

Standardized Tests (If required by Admissions team)



We require transcripts from all institutions where college credit was received.


For Academic Year 2020-2021

Application Fee $150

Tuition depends on the number of credit hours a student enrolls in each semester. A part-time student taking 6 credit hours is billed $13,778 for tuition and fees for a semester. A full-time student taking 12 credit hours is billed $22,699 for tuition and fees for a semester. For a full breakdown of tuition and fees visit the Bursar's website.

NYU Bursar (Opens in a new tab)

Language Proficiency

TOEFL scores are required for applicants who did not complete an undergraduate degree in the United States or in a country where the only primary language is not English.  Successful candidates achieve a minimum score of 100 on the Internet-based test.


For the IELTS, a minimum overall band score of at least 7 is recommended.


NYUSPS does not prohibit applicants with lower TOEFL/IELTS scores from applying for admission since many factors influence the admissions decision. 


Pearson Versant English Placement Test (VEPT)

If an international applicant has not achieved the minimum scores as described above, they are required to participate in the VEPT, a 50-minute online test that evaluates English language proficiency.



The Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality is unique in offering an extensive range of exclusive scholarships to its graduate and undergraduate students. From fall 2019, all new graduate students at the Tisch Center receive a $10,000 scholarship upon registration. Continuing students can apply for scholarships each spring semester, and the funds will be disbursed in the following academic year in two installments (fall and spring). For more information, please visit our Scholarships page.