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Writing on the Job: Digital Communication in the Workplace

The digital age has transformed communication in the workplace, minimizing face-to-face interaction and increasing the reliance on technology to communicate. Regardless of the industry, workers must write messages and utilize digital correspondence on a daily basis. When so much is done from behind a screen, the ability to construct a well-written email is essential to succeed in a modern-day office setting. Now more than ever, the quality of digital communication on the job can have a major impact on an employee’s reputation and professional image. This course will unpack methods for writing effectively at work across a variety of digital platforms. We will explore techniques to best communicate your message, whether the correspondence is with a superior, client, or potential employer. Topics include structuring content and organizing information, being your own editor, crafting subject lines, using tone appropriately, maintaining professionalism, and knowing your audience. By reviewing the foundations of good writing and increasing the clarity of your messages, you will obtain a skill set that makes you an adaptable communicator to any situation that may arise in the workplace.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Improved writing and editing skills
  • The ability to communicate clearly and succinctly via email
  • An understanding of how to communicate tone effectively in digital correspondence

Ideal for

  • Professionals across all industries
  • Entry-, mid-, and advanced-level professionals

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  • Spring 2018
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      Spring 2018
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      Mar 5 - Apr 30
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      • In-Person
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      • In-Person
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      Manhattan Village Academy