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Nonfiction Storytelling

  • Builds writing self-confidence
  • Develops voice
  • Shapes tone and style

One of the most popular genres in the literary and publishing communities, nonfiction storytelling focuses on true stories told with the drama, verve, and descriptive language of fiction. These courses will inspire you to tell your own story through a memoir or a personal essay, or to write about people, places, and things you know. Other topics covered include travel writing, profiles, and opinion pieces.

This Summer, study from anywhere in the world in the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

Jump-Start Your Memoir

This class is for anyone who always has wanted to write a memoir but can’t quite get things rolling, or is stuck in a rut.

2021 Summer
1 section

How to Write Op-Eds and Personal Essays

Learn how to write essays and then get them published in magazines, in newspapers, and online.

2021 Summer
1 section

Writing About Health and Beauty for Online Publications and Magazines

This nonfiction writing course will give you the tools to write and sell health and beauty stories for a robust and growing market.

2021 Summer
1 section

Writing Parenthood

Produce a polished, ready-to-publish personal essay or hybrid essay/reported piece about parenthood for a growing market.

2021 Summer
1 section

Creative Nonfiction Writing

Explore the process of writing nonfiction with clarity and precision as well as with a poet’s eye.

2021 Summer
1 section

Advanced Podcast Workshop

As a self-motivated emerging podcaster with editing experience a background in audio storytelling, get feedback on your work-in-progress.

2021 Summer
1 section

Crafting Great Essays from Personal Experience

Turn personal experiences into marketable essays or op-ed columns for newspapers or the web.

Creative Writing for Beginners: Saturday Afternoon Workshop

Boost your creativity with an evening of cutting-edge exercises while identifying your next steps as a writer.

Writers' Workshop and Tutorial

This advanced writing workshop combines small peer workshops with the invaluable opportunity to work individually with a professional editor.

Writing Midlife and Beyond

Learn how to shape your personal experiences and reporting into a compelling, publishable essay or feature for the midlife and beyond market.

Performing Your Story

This course will help you build confidence and become a better communicator by taking your story from the page to virtual stage.

You've Finished the Book--Now What? Guidance and Strategies for Becoming a Published Author

Learn from two veteran literary agents how to navigate the publishing landscape to publish your book without confusion or intimidation.

Journaling: Writing Today for Tomorrow

Explore of the history of journaling with gain practical guidance in developing a journaling approach that is personally and creatively fulfilling.

Social Media for Storytellers

As a creative professional, learn to harness the power of social media with easily executed strategies and tactics.