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  • Hones Multimedia Storytelling Skills
  • Explores Traditional and Digital Media
  • Develops Technical Skills

Over the past 25 years, journalism has experienced huge changes in the gathering, creation, and dissemination of news content. These cutting-edge courses ground you in the here and now of writing and producing features, breaking news, and multimedia stories. You will gain practical training in research and reporting, while building technical skills to produce strong narrative stories for a variety of media—newspapers, magazines, video, websites, blogs, podcasts, social media platforms, among others.

Freelance Journalism: How to Pitch and Sell Stories

Learn how to hatch fresh story ideas that will draw editors’ attention and how to portray these ideas in winning ways.

2017 Summer
1 section

Interviews and Profiles

Learn how to conduct effective interviews, fashion them into articles, and get them published.

2017 Summer
1 section

Political Journalism Boot Camp

Learn the techniques that top political journalists use to craft investigative features, profiles, and breaking news stories.

2017 Summer
1 section

Popular Art and Political Anxiety: Writing Arts Criticism Today

Write reviews of films, TV, and books that interpret and discuss pop culture as an expression of the current political climate.

2017 Summer
1 section

Podcast/Radio Reporting and Storytelling: A Crash Course in Audio

Learn everything you need to launch your own podcast or to begin a career in radio journalism.

2017 Summer
1 section

Blogging for Journalists

Learn how to write effectively for the web and how to craft an original point of view.

Feature Writing for Print and Digital Media

This practical workshop is designed to prepare you for writing and publishing feature articles.

Human Rights and Journalism

Study the historical and contemporary relationship between human rights and journalism, while working on a story of your own.

Legal and Ethical Issues in Journalism

This practical course examines complex issues and legal questions and offers working journalists a framework for ethical decision-making.

Producing the Broadcast Journalism Magazine Format

This hands-on production workshop gives you a chance to write and produce a news story in broadcast journalism “magazine” format.

Reporting, Researching, and Writing the News

Focus on the basic principles of news reporting with an emphasis on learning by doing.

Social Media for Journalists

Obtain a complete background in the newest tools needed to research and write the news and then to display and distribute content.

The Art of the Photo Essay

Learn the essentials of the photographic essay, including how to generate story ideas appropriate for the medium.

Writing Editorials, Commentary, and Opinion Blogs

Master the art of turning persuasive and compelling opinions and arguments into effective written pieces.