Journalism and Creative Nonfiction

  • Develops Voice
  • Strengthens Technical Skills
  • Shapes Tone and Style

The ability to tell an engaging and compelling story is fundamental to both journalistic writing and creative nonfiction. Learn the technical reporting skills necessary for a career in journalism or gain the confidence to write and publish your memoir, personal essay, or opinion piece. Develop strong stories for a variety of media—print and digital magazines and newspapers, video, podcasts, social media platforms--and learn to pitch your work to editors. Try an introductory or advanced class or explore our Certificate in Journalism and Newswriting .

This Summer, study from anywhere in the world in the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

Writing Parenthood

Produce a polished, ready-to-publish personal essay or hybrid essay/reported piece about parenthood for a growing market.

2022 Summer
1 section

Writing a Strong Ending to an Article or Essay

In writing reported articles, essays, or short-memoir style pieces, it is essential to be able to craft a satisfying ending that ties all the...

2022 Summer
1 section

Writing a Strong Introduction to an Article or Essay

In writing short nonfiction, such as essays or short-memoir style pieces, crafting an opening that gets the reader to the heart of the story can...

2022 Summer
1 section

Introduction to the Media Industry

In this two-session course taught by a senior magazine editor with deep experience in newspaper, magazine, and digital media as well as...

2022 Summer
2 sections

Freelance Journalism: How to Pitch and Sell Stories

Learn how to hatch fresh story ideas that will draw editors’ attention and how to portray these ideas in winning ways.

2022 Summer
1 section

Interviews and Profiles

Learn how to conduct effective interviews, fashion them into articles, and get them published.

2022 Summer
1 section

How to Write Op-Eds and Personal Essays

Learn how to write essays and then get them published in magazines, in newspapers, and online.

2022 Summer
1 section

Podcasting, Radio Reporting, and Storytelling

If you want to create a podcast or work in radio, learn everything you need to get started in this beginner’s workshop.

2022 Summer
1 section

Media Literacy: An Overview

In the era of “fake news,” it’s more important than ever to better understand the basics of reporting and hard-news...

2022 Summer
1 section

Multimedia Storytelling

Multimedia storytelling has the power to provide context and depth to news stories, fundraising drives, marketing campaigns, and personal...

2022 Summer
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Entertainment Journalism

Raise your arts IQ and gain a solid understanding of how to write publishable articles that inform and entertain and can be pitched to major outlets.

Feature Writing for Print and Digital Media

This practical workshop is designed to prepare you for writing and publishing feature articles.

Newswriting and Reporting

In this course, you will learn the central aspects of newswriting and reporting for both print and digital platforms, from crafting the unique...

Creative Nonfiction

Creative nonfiction offers us an expansive mode of inquiry. In this introductory course, we’ll read and discuss a range of nonfiction...

Editing Articles and Essays to Submit for Publication

When it comes to editing your writing for publication, your construction needs to be tight. In this interactive workshop, instructor Estelle...

Jump-Start Your Memoir

This class is for anyone who always has wanted to write a memoir but can’t quite get things rolling, or is stuck in a rut.

Writing About Health and Beauty for Online Publications and Magazines

This nonfiction writing course will give you the tools to write and sell health and beauty stories for a robust and growing market.

Writing Midlife and Beyond

Learn how to shape your personal experiences and reporting into a compelling, publishable essay or feature for the midlife and beyond market.

Writing Your Life: Using Lived Experience for Article Ideas and Pitches

Are you seeking new ideas for articles and pitches? Writers who publish prolifically are able to tap into the zeitgeist and their own lives for...

Advanced Podcast Workshop

As a self-motivated emerging podcaster with editing experience a background in audio storytelling, get feedback on your work-in-progress.

Creating a Narrative Podcast

Acquire the training to launch your own story-driven podcast series, and leave the course with your own 15- to 20-minute pilot.