Persuasive Writing for Professionals

We don’t usually think of our workplace writing as part of the persuasive writing tradition that includes literary essays, political speeches, and philosophical treatises. In this workshop, we will explore rhetorical strategies that we can incorporate into everyday writing practices to enhance our ability to engage an audience. Participants will learn about, discuss, and practice persuasive writing strategies that will contribute to more memorable and effective professional communications. Questions? Contact us at The Center for Applied Liberal Arts (CALA). Email or call 212-998-7289.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Knowledge of key rhetorical terms and techniques
  • The ability to assert a debatable claim supported by evidence

Ideal for

  • Professionals seeking more polished and powerful written communication
  • Anyone seeking strategies for elevating their professional writing and editing skills

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  • Summer 2022

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      Summer 2022
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      Jun 15 - Jun 15
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      • Online
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      • Online
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      Rowe, Charles
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