Fundamentals of Storytelling

Neuroscience has shown that when readers are exposed to good stories, whether they’re potential clients, employers, voters, or colleagues, they become more invested in the storyteller and the idea behind the story. This means that stories are among the most powerful tools for changing people’s minds. This course will introduce you to essential narrative tools, such as plot, character, and conflict, and show you how you can apply them to write more powerful and compelling documents. Whether you’re drafting a proposal, updating your résumé, or pitching a new product, discover how storytelling can be an invaluable asset in your professional and creative skill set.  Questions? Contact us at The Center for Applied Liberal Arts (CALA). Email or call 212-998-7272

This course may be used to fulfill the requirements of the Certificate in Effective Business Writing and the Certificate in Storytelling: Narrative Tools and Applications.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Tools that will captivate your audience and increase the impact of your writing, regardless of your industry
  • Strategies and applications to make your storytelling influential and persuasive

Ideal for

  • Professionals across all industries
  • Those who want to get ahead

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      Jun 9 - Jul 28
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