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Vocometry: Measuring and Analyzing the Voice

Although it could be argued that our ears are the ultimate way to judge a voice, there are many tools and techniques available to the vocologist for measuring and analyzing the voice. This course begins with fundamental concepts of measurements, such as reliability and validity, followed by an introduction to instrumentation for voice analysis and perceptual methods for describing and rating the voice. Real-world applications of both low-tech and high-tech instruments used to measure the voice will be demonstrated, such as standard acoustic and aerodynamic measures of vocal function, laryngeal and vocal tract imaging (endoscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, etc.), and non-invasive measures of vocal fold vibration (electroglottography). Non-instrumental measures of voice include standardized auditory-perceptual tools and patient-perceived measures vocal ability and quality.
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You'll Walk Away with

  • Skills in instrumental evaluation of vocal function
  • Tools you can use to track vocal changes over time

Ideal for

  • Anyone interested in quantifying vocal function and ability
  • Professionals who analyze and rate vocal quality, such as speech-language pathologists
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