• Strengthens the Power of Your Message
  • Provides Practical Experience Delivering Presentations Across Platforms
  • Focuses on Business Communications

Today’s business environment requires communication that is clear, persuasive, and dynamic. These courses will teach you to deliver presentations in-person and online and represent your personal and/or your company’s brand effectively across digital platforms. Learn techniques to adapt your message to specific audiences and modes of delivery. Try a single class or explore our Certificate in Effective Business Writing .

This semester, study in-person or from anywhere in the world from the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

Sharpening Your Presentation and Speech Skills

Learn how to hold an audience’s attention by developing an individual public speaking style.

2023 Fall
1 section

Vocometry: Measuring and Analyzing the Voice

Although it could be argued that our ears are the ultimate way to judge a voice, there are many tools and techniques available to the vocologist...

2023 Fall
2 sections

Grammar Review

Come away from this class with a better understanding of grammar and improved confidence in your writing.

2023 Fall
1 section

Strategic Communications and Corporate Storytelling

Learn to craft compelling narratives that match the tone and intentions of a company, brand, or communication campaign.

2023 Fall
1 section

Multimedia Storytelling

Multimedia storytelling has the power to provide context and depth to news stories, fundraising drives, marketing campaigns, and personal...

2023 Fall
1 section

Professional Writing: Content, Purpose, and Audience

This foundational course introduces critical practices of professional writing, focusing on common documents across digital and traditional formats.

2023 Fall
1 section

Fundamentals of Storytelling

Explore the basic elements of story, and apply them to your writing for more dynamic content, whether for novels or résumés.

2023 Fall
1 section

Introduction to Podcasting and Radio Reporting

If you want to create a podcast or work in radio, learn everything you need to get started in this beginner’s workshop.

2023 Fall
1 section

Voice and Diction: Unlocking Vocal Power

From leading meetings to projecting influence from the global stage, our voice can be a powerful amplifier of our expressions, opening...

10 Steps to a More Dynamic Voice

Master new voice techniques to convey confidence in your voice—and achieve success in your career.

Digital Communication in a Changing Workplace

Obtain writing and editing skills that will make you an adaptable communicator via any medium and in any situation that may arise in the workplace.

Effective Business Communication

Improve your oral communication in the workplace by learning to speak English with greater accuracy and fluency.

Effective Business Writing

Learn techniques for writing effective emails, memos, proposals, and reports for various audiences.

Negotiating for Success: Communicating With Power, Confidence, And Influence

In this course, learn the real-world fundamentals of planning and executing various types of negotiations by applying strategies used by the...

Persuading in Business: Leadership, Public Speaking and Executive Communication

Persuasion across cultures, media, and technology is essential for professional success in today’s globally-connected business...

Persuading in Business: Leadership, Public Speaking, and the Art of Effective Communication

In this engaging and experiential course, you will develop the high-performance language and communication strategies used by exemplary...

Writing for Self-Promotion and Performance Coaching

Develop the habits of using workplace writing as a tool for self-promotion, professional development, and performance coaching.

Global Presentations: Words, Images, and Data

Build the knowledge, skills, and oral proficiency to organize and participate in global presentations, including reports, negotiations, and pitches.

Persuading in Business: Leadership, Public Speaking, and Executive Communication

Persuasion across cultures, media, and technology is essential for professional success in today’s globally-connected business...

Landing Your Dream Job: A Master Class with Georgina Levitt

Explore how you can parlay your education, skills and experience into a job you love, and in doing so build a personal brand that will serve you...