Fundamentals of Vocology

In the broadest sense, a vocologist is someone who studies the voice. This foundational course will introduce fundamental concepts of voice production, including the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory, phonatory, and articulatory subsystems of vocalization, the biomechanics of vocal fold oscillation, and how pitch and loudness are modulated. Basic acoustics concepts, such as the transmission of sound and vocal tract resonances, will be taught to help the vocologist understand how voice is produced and shaped both in humans and across species. By understanding these basic mechanisms of the voice, a vocologist has the foundation on which to build skills for training individuals in effective and efficient voice production across the lifespan.

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  • Fall 2022

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      Fall 2022
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      Oct 11 - Nov 29
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      • Online
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      • Online
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      Johnson, Aaron
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      Instructor Led
    • Oct 11 – Nov 29
    • Tuesday
    • 7:00PM – 8:00PM
    • Instructor Led
    • Oct 11 – Nov 29
    • Self-Paced
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