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  • Gain an understanding of voice production
  • Learn how to measure and analyze the voice
  • Learn best practices for voice training
  • Become a good consumer of voice research
  • Prepare for the Pan American Vocology Association Recognized Vocologist (PAVA-RV) exam

Vocology is a relatively young field that integrates the medical, scientific, and artistic aspects of voice habilitation. It is, by its nature, highly multidisciplinary and spans multiple professions that study, train, and care for vocalists. Our courses in Vocology provide foundational knowledge for anyone engaged in voice habilitation, including singing voice pedagogues, speech-language pathologists, voice and speech trainers, choral directors, and laryngologists. Through these courses, gain a deep understanding of the principles of voice production, develop practical knowledge and skills in measuring and analyzing the voice, and learn best practices for voice training. Special attention is placed on the scopes of practice of the different professionals involved in habilitating and rehabilitating voices. Additionally, you will develop skills being a good consumer of voice research and developing your own research project. The content of these courses is geared toward preparing individuals for the Pan American Vocology Association Recognized Vocologist (PAVA-RV) exam. PAVA provides this recognition to individuals but does not endorse specific programs of study.

This semester, study in-person or from anywhere in the world from the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

Fundamentals of Vocology

This foundational course will introduce fundamental concepts of voice production, including the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory,...

2024 Spring
1 section

Research Methods for the Vocologist

Section one and two are closed. If you would like to be added to the wait list, please email sps.pala.ce@nyu.edu. Our understanding of the...

2024 Spring
2 sections

Overview of Assessment and Management of Voice Disorders

This course will introduce an overview of the multidisciplinary assessment of voice disorders, an introduction to behavioral, medical, and...