Precis Writing and Report Writing for International Organizations

International organizations, including the United Nations, hold dozens of conferences every year in cities around the world, and English-language translators and editors are needed to help document the proceedings and their outcomes. Learn techniques to help move your career ahead in this fast-paced world as a freelance précis writer or report writer. Discover how to use your language and writing skills effectively as you listen critically to recorded speeches, take notes, and pare ideas down to their essence. In the process, streamline and improve your writing style and become a more effective communicator. This course is part of the ongoing Professional Translation Special Topics Series Upon successful completion of this course, you will automatically earn a digital badge.

This course is delivered in an online, self-paced (asynchronous) format. The instructor interacts with students and facilitates group discussions within NYU’s online learning platform. There are weekly deadlines for lesson and assignment completion.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to apply standard formats for different documents
  • The skills to determine a document’s purpose and target audience
  • Knowledge of appropriate background and reference materials
  • The ability to compose well-organized, coherent sentences and paragraphs
  • The skills to spot and correct common spelling, grammatical, and stylistic errors
  • The skills to draft an accurate and concise summary of proceedings or outcomes

Ideal for

  • Professionals who are fluent in English and in another language
  • Prospective and practicing translators and interpreters
NO open sections available for this course at the moment. Please check back next semester.