Translation Studies

  • Addresses Technology-Oriented Market
  • Taught by Industry Experts
  • Includes Theory and Practical Application

The field of translation offers a plethora of employment opportunities in a variety of industries. If you are considering a career or a credit degree program in this area, these courses provide a broad overview of the field as well as the basic concepts and key components of computer-assisted tools (CAT) and terminology management in a hands-on instructional format.

This semester, study in-person or from anywhere in the world from the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

Community-Based Translation and Interpreting: Access and Advocacy

Gain an introduction to language justice principles and ethical norms when providing community-based translation and interpreting.

2023 Fall
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Fundamentals of Translation Tools and Technology

Gain an understanding of the basic concepts and components of CAT tools and terminology management using a few of the more common options available.

Introduction to Professional Translation

Acquire a comprehensive overview of the translation field in this language-neutral course suitable for all language pairs that involve English.

In Other Wor(l)ds: A Generative Translation Workshop

Designed for aspiring to mid-career translators, this one-week online workshop will help you find and refine your literary translation practice....

Publishing Your Literary Translation: Finding and Securing a Publisher

If you are interested in literary translation, take this course to develop the specific skills needed to break into the field.