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Commercial Translation

This course will examine a range of topics that concern translation of commercial transactions and correspondence, including business plans, insurance, banking, employment, investments, and taxes. The perspective of both a private individual and a business entity will be represented. Attention will be given to what is necessary to draft text clearly in English, such as correct punctuation, sentence composition, and word choices that avoid ambiguity. A glossary of terms will be supplied and methods for developing and using it will be discussed. Other topics and activities may be considered as proposed by the course participants.

This course may be used to fulfill the requirements of the Certificate in Translation Practice.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An appreciation for the variety of commercial documents
  • The ability to develop a drafting style appropriate for commercial communications
  • The skills to quickly recognize terminology that requires special research for translation
  • The ability to compose natural text in the target language
  • The skills to correctly determine source text meaning
  • The know-how to correctly punctuate target text restatement

Ideal for

  • Those who are fluent in English and in a second language
  • Those with an interest in translation of commercial texts and documents into English
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