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Translation Studies

  • Addresses Technology-Oriented Market
  • Taught by Industry Experts
  • Includes Theory and Practical Application

The field of translation offers a plethora of employment opportunities in a variety of industries. If you are considering a career in this area, these courses provide the basic concepts and key components of computer-assisted tools (CAT) and terminology management in a hands-on instructional format.

Introduction to CAT and Terminology Management

Understand the basic concepts and components of CAT tools and terminology management using a few of the more common options available to translators.

2017 Summer
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Young Translators' Summer Institute (Chinese)

Receive rigorous training in the fundamentals of Chinese/English translation/interpreting, as well as familiarity with the language service business.

2017 Summer
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Introduction to Translation

Gain a thorough overview of the field of translation studies in this language-neutral course suitable for all language pairs that involve English.

2017 Summer
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Editing for Working Translators

This course is an introduction to editing in translation and is suitable for all language pairs that involve English.

Methods in Applied Literary Translation

As an intermediate to advanced language or translation student, learn to translate any genre of literature from any language into English.

Project Management and Freelance Translation

Learn to be a professional project manager in language services with the ability to find appropriate translators and to assign project work.

Subtitling and Voice Replacement for Translators

Gain an overview of the technical and methodological underpinnings of audio-visual media translation.


This language-neutral class introduces the fundamental principles of transcreation to professional translators.

Translation for Interpreters

In this language-neutral course, apply your skills and knowledge of interpreting to the practice and art of translating.