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English/Spanish Translation

  • Builds Skills for a Competitive Market
  • Taught by Industry Experts
  • Includes Theory and Practical Application

New York City and the world offer tremendous opportunities for English/Spanish translators. Building upon your fluency in English and Spanish, learn techniques for effective translation of a wide range of documents (academic, scientific, medical, legal, financial, and web-based), using innovative tools including glossaries and new technologies.

Learn more about the Diploma in Professional Translation (English to Spanish) and the Diploma in Professional Translation (Spanish to English).

Spanish to English Commercial Translation

Learn to translate documents from Spanish to English that are found in today’s increasingly digital business environment.

2018 Spring
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English to Spanish Commercial Translation II

Continue to hone your skills in English to Spanish translation of business-related documents.

English to Spanish Medical Translation

Learn to translate a wide array of medical texts from English to Spanish.

Spanish to English Translating Financial Topics

Gain a deeper understanding of the concepts, terminology, and text types typical of Spanish to English translation for the financial industry.

Spanish to English Translation for Marketing and Advertising

Acquire the specific knowledge and skills necessary to work as a Spanish-to-English translator in the advertising and marketing industries.