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Visual Design for UX

Visual design is one of the core disciplines of user experience (UX) design. Its focus on the aesthetics of the user interface ensures that it matches user needs and expectations, conveys the right message, and elicits appropriate emotional responses. Principally, visual design is concerned with typography, colors, images, symbols, and overall aesthetics. Effective visual design sets the hierarchy of a page or flow and informs users of what they will find within the site, how to navigate it, and why it may be of interest. This course offers specific design recommendations, examines numerous models, and delivers insights needed to increase your project’s visual appeal.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to critique design, identify the elements that work and don’t work, and know how to fix them
  • The ability to apply design concepts to the web

Ideal for

  • Web and mobile designers and developers
  • Usability professionals and user experience specialists

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