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Advanced MySQL with PHP

Advance your web development career. Learn how to code object-oriented PHP, and combine your knowledge of PHP and MySQL to deliver professional websites. Learn how to install an XAMPP server on your local device; discover advanced SQL coding techniques, such as the CASE expression and subqueries; and create database objects, views, and stored procedures. Become familiar with proper database design techniques and normalization/denormalization and with the MySQL data dictionary. Learn how to create and administer database instances, users, hosts, and security to allow your clients to create and manage their own environments. Acquire advanced PHP techniques, including managing file systems and directories, parsing XML, recursive processing, uploading files, building shopping carts, emailing, and processing images. Create web services to deliver XML and JSON data streams to a web client. Learn the fundamentals of HTTP, and gain the knowledge to perform server-side page requests. Create client sessions using both cookies and PHP sessions. Complete the course by delivering a web project that includes all of these advanced techniques.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Knowledge of SQL Select, subqueries, joins, and unions
  • Experience connecting to MySQL, as well as inserting, updating, and deleting records
  • An understanding of regular expressions
  • Experience with session control and cookies

Ideal for

  • Web professionals who need to develop dynamic web content through data-driven pages using PHP
  • Professionals with previous SQL experience who want the benefit of the course's tips, tricks, and special exercises

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