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Intermediate C++ Programming

This hands-on course provides a thorough review of data types, type conversion, flow control, pointers, references, arrays, functions, dynamic memory allocation, and expression evaluation. It also introduces object-oriented programming with an emphasis on modeling the problem domain and code reuse. Step by step, learn the C++ class construct and its key features, providing full implementation of abstract data types. This course covers function and operator overloading, the use of references, and the scope and access control mechanisms of C++. Extensive programming examples and exercises are provided. The course is designed so that the programming can be used in any environment supporting an ANSI C++ compiler.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to write your own programs in C++
  • An understanding of basic fundamental knowledge in C++ and any standard program written in C++

Ideal for

  • Anyone interested in the C++ programming language who has completed an intro-level course
  • Intermediate-level programmers
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