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Secure Coding for Coders

Ideally suited to the day-to-day coder, programmer, lead engineer, or architect, this course surveys the hostile landscape of the Internet and goes step by step through the processes and methods of hackers. In class, dissect applications looking for vulnerable vectors, while learning how to defend against hackers’ attacks. Begin by reviewing hacking steps and developing approaches to defend against each. Then, engage in deeper defense techniques that are focused around secure programming, including how to approach software design securely and how to manage risk and model threats. Learn the most common web application vulnerabilities through practical, hands-on learning, starting with how to exploit the vulnerabilities and how to defend with accepted methods. Finally, perform secure code reviews and test for security vectors. Leave the course equipped with a deep understanding of how code facing the Internet is vulnerable and how to write code that is defensive and secure.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of how and why the Internet is vulnerable to attacks and how a hacker thinks
  • The ability to break down the anatomy of a hack in detail
  • Knowledge of each individual phase of a hack and its purpose
  • The skills to analyze applications without tools to spot theoretical vulnerabilities and to defend against common attack types
  • The ability to write code that is secure, review code for vulnerabilities, and run or contribute to a secure SDL

Ideal for

  • Day-to-day coders, programmers, lead engineers, and architects
  • Anyone responsible for the safety of digital environments and information

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