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Advanced SQL Programming

Expand your skills in SQL, one of the most sought-after technical skills in the market today. Proficiency with SQL ranks among the top required skills on nearly every major information technology job search site. SQL also is used by business analysts for data analytics, one of the fastest-growing fields in business today. In this course, study data normalization rules and SQL subqueries. Learn how to create views; work with the database data dictionaries; and build SQL functions, stored procedures, and triggers to automate data manipulation tasks in both Oracle and MySQL, two of the most dominant database servers. Learn how to import and export data and how to perform database backups. The need for SQL developers is constantly on the rise, as are their salaries. According to Business Insider, strong knowledge in SQL could potentially earn you $125K per year.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to create and use database views
  • The skills necessary to create and use functions and stored procedures
  • Experience creating triggers to automate data manipulation tasks

Ideal for

  • Anyone with working knowledge of basic SQL
  • Those interested in pursuing a career as a SQL developer

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