The Art of Data Visualization

Data visualization is storytelling in a graphical medium. The course covers the six basic principles of data visualization: telling a story, making a good sign, fulfilling a business purpose, incorporating human perception, using color and streamlining, and selecting the appropriate chart format. In this course, gain knowledge by doing and redoing, by offering and receiving critique, and above all, by learning from each other. This class is intended to develop a discriminating eye for good visualizations.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding how to communicate information more effectively using efficient visuals
  • Familiarity with visual design by developing an interactive data visualization

Ideal for

  • Students seeking to learn a variety of ways to visually display data
  • Business professionals who are responsible for presentations
  • Students who seek to gain a deep understanding of options for visualizing data

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  • Summer 2022

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      Summer 2022
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      Jul 19 - Aug 30
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