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The Business of Esports

The rise of eSport has been an exciting development in the sport industry. This course will provide students with a detailed history of eSport to support their ability to analyze the sport environment to identify opportunities for future growth and development. Through an examination of the different modalities of play, platforms for streaming, competition types, and team/league organization, students will discuss the differences and similarities of traditional Sport in revenue potential and growth. By exploring the counterculture of eSport and how it has created a global phenomenon that has changed the way we think about Sport, students will learn how the culture of competitive gaming has created opportunities for diversity, inclusiveness, and sportsmanship. 
Students pursuing the Certificate in Sports Technology and Innovation are required to complete Foundations in Digital Disruption/TGSC1-CE1007 as part of the certificate. However, there is no required order of completion for courses in the program as long as Foundations in Digital Disruption is one of the four earned toward the certificate.  For questions on the Certificate in Sports Technology and Innovation, please contact tischinstitute.ce@nyu.edu.  For assistance with registration, please call 212-998-7150.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to identify and understand who the key stakeholders in the gaming/e-sports industry are.
  • The ability to identify the unique marketing opportunities for esports and how it differs from traditional sports including fan behavior, social media, and streaming platforms, and develop strategies for targeting those opportunities.
  • The ability to recognize unmet needs or areas rife for innovation within the gaming/e-sports industries and devise/create solutions for those problems.
  • An understanding of the economics of e-sports past, present, and future in order to understand the nature of the “bets” or investments being made by the financial backers who have poured millions of dollars into the space.
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